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I want to personally thank everyone for the support and business over the last 5 years. Thank You!!! For those who are rejoicing over the closures I would like to remind them of the impact that this will have on Navajo County, Holbrook, Winslow and Show Low.

  1. It starts with jobs, we now have 150 less jobs in the county.
  2. We now have less tax revenue (many shoppers will now turn to out of county dealerships).
  3. We now have less shop capacity and many Navajo and Hopi consumers will have to take their Ram/Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge products to Flagstaff or Albuquerque Or Snowflake, Nissan buyers only have Gallup or Flagstaff and Ford buyers will need to go to Gallup, Winslow or Show Low.
  4. Absence of competition. All of the dealerships with the exception of Horne now are in the hands of one dealer group family. Competition is a good thing.
  5. B2B residual business. The closure of these stores will affect the businesses that supplied goods and services IE: parts stores, vending machines, advertising, gas stations, restaurants and many many others…..

The impact on the communities of Navajo County are huge and far greater than most know and as for me……my heart hurts over this. The manufacturers who are pushing for the closure of these sales/service points seemingly don’t care and they certainly do not care about Holbrook which is the oldest Ford point in Navajo county and a natural place for dealerships because of its location. Look at a map!

Also know that the employees despite what has been said are some of the most loyal, customer centered people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. My entire staff showed up on 4-26 knowing they would not get paid to help get 17 out of 25 vehicles out of the shop and back to the owners, we made arraignment’s to have a few taken over to our competitors. Unfortunately we were court ordered at the urging of the complainants to cease and desist in any assistance to the customers in regards to vehicles, payoffs for trade ins, refunds of deposits, vendor equipment or payroll……..no Tate employee has been paid for their final check, This is at the direction and arguments by the complainant in violation of Arizona labor laws.

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Please contact me by email at wayne.bentley@tatesautocenter.com or by phone at (928) 240-2624 for more information on this vehicle.

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