’16 F550 Mechanics truck SOLD

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Let us have one built for you! This one is SOLD

The ultimate mechanics rig starts with a 2016 Ford F550 19500 GVWR chassis and a Stellar 7421 crane body. Whether you want a gas or diesel equipped chassis you can be confident that either is a proven all Ford designed and manufactured engine coupled to an all Ford 6 speed auto that features best in class GCWR and reliability. At Tate’s we know the proper options and equipment to ensure the chassis will give you the highest reliability and satisfaction, ask us about Low Deflection Package….. no one else specs their trucks with it. The all new all Stellar system is amazing  and far better than the readied Knapheide  take a look at the pictures below.


Stellar is unique with the cordless hand control that feature s a vibration overload feature. The control panel has big buttons easily used with gloves and lights when on.



Ist the little details that make the difference. Something as simple as a crane rest really can tell you alot. Take a close look. Also of note is the substantial  knee brace on the high bottle compartment.


Speaking of high bottle compartment  check out the bottle ties


Here you see the clean workmanship of the hydraulics and air hose. Other things of note, vise pad, the reverse break on inner door panel, tail light boxes and outrigger.s


In this picture  you really see the thought that went into a true working design especially in regards to the bumper. Starting  at the bottom a fully boxed toe step, notice the overhang of the top plate for clamping, no slip strips, knee bracing to the body , curb side vise pad, bumper storage with out rigger notches. Air hose comes out right by vise, high mounted tail light boxes and LED work lights, super heavy duty tail gate… look that thing. Grab handles and check out the master lock system.


No mechanics rig is complete without  a Bobcat welder!#


The wheel well cabinets feature these fantastic  drawers.


As well as the front cabinet.


From the top you see the in house Eagle compressor. Also note the massive hinge and three point rotary latch system.


There is no better system available . Call m us today for a no hassle quote on one spec’ed to your needs


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